After the last two weeks of traveling, I am a little whupped already.  But, in every cloud is a silver lining, as I noticed a few items that I would find useful on every trip.  With the idea of travel items in mind, I started asking my travel companions and online friends and forum members about what they consider “essential” travel accessories.  Photo gear made the list on several levels, including one that made the top ten!  So far I’ve seen 25 different items recommended by various people.


The ones that made the top ten:

Rank Item # Votes
01 Emergency/First Aid/Medical Kit 6 Votes
02 Eye Shades 4 Votes
03 Extension Cord 3 Votes
04 Ear Plugs/Noise-canceling headphones 3 Votes
05 International Adaptor 3 Votes
06 Swiss Army Knife 2 Votes
07 Bottled Water 2 Votes
08 Travel Blanket 2 Votes
09 iPad/Netbook 2 Votes
10  Camera 2 Votes

So, we made the top ten travel gadgets with the camera! Some other notable items that included camera type things were batteries, USB drives, and an extension cord (for charging electronics)!  Kind of a cheesy post for Friday, but it does make me wonder what people would consider their top ten photo accessories for their camera bag! 😉  What’s the census out there in photo land?  Got your own travel gadgets you must have?  Or even camera gadgets for your photo bag?  Sound off in the comments, and if enough crop up repeatedly, a poll may be in the future! Have a great Halloween, and don’t eat too much sugar!


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2 thoughts on “Top Ten Travel Gadgets

  1. Hello!

    1) Extra camera (iPhone or other)
    2) Extra batteries
    3) Extra storage
    4) iPhone Shutter
    5) Cover holder (Hufa Holder)


  2. I’ll go top 5 camera gadgets (assuming that you already include your dSLR and lenses):
    1) Another form of a camera that is easily accessible – iPhone or P&S. There are times when the only way you’ll take a picture is if you can do it right away without having to change lenses or think too much about settings. Love the iPhone for this.
    2) Sharp prime. Shooting indoors? Must have!
    3) Lens wipes or microfiber cloth for the lens and a Rocket blower to clean out sensor dust.
    4) Extra memory. Wouldn’t it suck to run out of space?!
    5) Extra battery … just in case.

    I didn’t think long and hard about these, so I’m curious to see if I missed something really obvious. Waiting to see what others think!

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