In their first game this season, I shrugged – they beat Cincy.  Then they beat the Browns – ok, so we have Ohio’s number.  But then Division Rival Oakland fell, that should light a fire, right?  Yeah, I will always be a “Ray-dah Hay-dah”, but to be brutally honest, they are not the team they once were – we’ve had their number for a while now, so that’s not an impressive win in my books.  Okay, so what about Dallas?  Well, I stood up and took notice then – they might not be in a transition year after all – but it’s really one win, right?  Dunno – we went on to beat New England in the hideous throw-up…throw-back uniforms.  That raised my eyebrow again.  But surely, the darlings of the AFC West with Phillip Rivers, Ladanian Tomlinson, Sprowles, and crew, on Monday night, and in San Diego, our chances there are dire.  Surprise surprise though, we are now 6-0 – first time since 1998 (we won the big one that year). Oh wait…this isn’t a sports blog – it’s a photography blog.  Okay, let’s talk brand identity!

Someone once said that brand recognition is of supreme importance in building your identity.  While building an identity and recognition is important to be sure, we always have to take care and not be afraid of changing, and mixing things up.  While there are many examples of how a brand identify can change over time, take a look at this development over time:

From 1960-1961

Denver Broncos Original Logo
Denver Broncos Original Logo

From 1962-1967

Denver Broncos Logo #2
Denver Broncos Logo #2

From 1968-1996

Denver Broncos Classic Logo
Denver Broncos Classic Logo

From 1997-Present

Denver Broncos New Logo

So, you can see how changing your identity over time can be a good thing – as the identity and recognition of this organization has definitely improved with time.  So, which one do you think is their best design?  Each one is definitely identifiable for the era in which it resides, and some have definitely been more identifiable (and memorable) than others.  Any takers for the first?  Second?  Third?  Current?  Sound off in the comments with which one you think is best…

Back to the original theme though, my hats off to the Denver Broncos – you showed your talent, drive, motivation, passion, and tenacity in the win over the evil Chargers (sorry Jared) last night! (Not like I am biased or anything… 🙂 )  Okay, so I made the post a personal one today, but at least I tied it to photography and design at least a little.  That’s gotta count for something, right?

Don’t forget – 4 days left in the October Noise Ninja Giveaway over on Flickr – get your photos in soon (shots of Broncos players making some noise get one point in their favor…just kidding!)!  Happy shooting and we’ll see you back here again tomorrow!

3 thoughts on “Six and OH MY GOSH!!!

  1. the chargers are not evil! lol thats my team you are talking about

  2. Making posts personal is fine. We’ve all got more than one passion.

    So, when will you get to shoot from the sidelines? That would be an extremely cool post, wouldn’t it?

    Oh, and hey……what’s that about the New England uniforms??? Prior to being an AZ resident I lived in NH for 13 years…….. Can’t even pull that tease off. I think I was the only person in New England who wasn’t all wound up by the Patriots. 🙂

    I actually like the 68-96 logo for the Broncos.
    .-= Rich C´s last blog ..It’s confirmed……I’m a Tilley Guy through and through =-.

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