What a great day to release a new podcast – with the final release of LR coming out very soon, I had the distinct opportunity to talk with Rob Sylvan, author of LR2 for Dummies, and the forthcoming Taking Stock.  We talked a lot about Lightroom, working at NAPP, and took a few listener questions and answers.  More photo news, additional Q&A, and a new feed for the podcast start today, so be sure to download the latest show.  You’ll notice I have pulled the feed back to this site, and the format is more iTunes compatible (m4a) so you can now see pics and chapter segments.

Here’s the show notes:


  • 3rd Annual Worldwide Photowalk
  • Getting sued for your own Images
  • Lexar 16Gb and 32 GB cards now shipping

Interview – Rob Sylvan


  1. Porting Libraries/Catalogs from Lightroom 2 to Lightroom 3 (Beta)
  2. Adding monitors for more real estate
  3. Work flow for scanning your photos

Contest News

Thanks to Scott from Peachpit Press, there is a special contest associated with this podcast and blog post!  If you listened to the podcast, you know what’s at stake, so feel free to chime in on the comments – something fun to win for 3 random people!  This post will take comments through July 7th and then three people at random will be selected for the prize!

That’s it for today – lost of fun stuff coming up tomorrow too, so make sure you stop in for the latest news – will be talking software AND hardware tomorrow…as well as announcing something else near and dear to me here on the blog, so be sure to stop back in then for more.  Happy shooting and we’ll see you then!

29 thoughts on “Lightroom 3 Q&A (Beta)

  1. it’d be silly not to comment really but very interested to see how the “Getting sued for your own Images” turns out. has to be one of the more bizarre stories i’ve heard.

  2. Been catching up on your podcast, good stuff! Thanks for all the great info!

    Also looking forward to the Worldwide Photo Walk in Denver!

  3. bryan ray says:

    I’d love to won Rob’s book, Taking Stock.

  4. Mike Pollock says:

    No Whammy! No Whammy!

  5. Jari Leino says:

    Great interview about Rob, thanks. Waiting for his new book to come up.

  6. David Rogers says:

    Some interesting insights from Rob. Especially the pairing of LR3 with PS Elements.

  7. Gary Green says:

    I’m a huge fan of Lightroom. I read Rob Sylvan’s blog and follow him on Twitter (Lightroomers). Okay I follow the Canonblogger too. I have different names for the “f ” key and the “h” key in Lighroom, but I digress. 🙂

  8. I hope I can win the book, would love to get started in shooting stock.

  9. Great podcast. I’m looking forward to learning more about LR. Thanks!

  10. Michael Petersheim says:

    I’m definitely excited about and looking forward to Lightroom 3, as well. I purchased Photoshop CS5 and Lightroom 2 as a bundle from B&H the day before Lightroom 3 was announced as being available; now I’m waiting impatiently for LR2 to arrive so I can get my free upgrade to LR3 from Adobe. Gotta love their generosity in giving very recent purchasers a free upgrade!

    Oh, and I wouldn’t mind snagging a copy of Taking Stock, either; I’ve been submitting (albeit sporadically) to four or five agencies (including iStock) without getting many sales. It’s partly my fault for not uploading regularly, but it’d be nice to have more direction on shooting microstock, as well.

  11. Brian Lottis says:

    Wish me luck. 🙂 I hope I’m one of the winners.

  12. Mike Pollock says:

    When is Adorama.com going to stock LR3. I have a gift card burning a hole in my pocket with excitement!

  13. Kyle Hampton says:

    Great podcast. I look forward to playing with LR3. Keep up the great work.

  14. Frank Sammut says:

    Nice Podcast. I look forward to trying out LR3.


  15. Loved the podcast. I have not used Lightroom in years, it used to be so glitchy for me and I’m glad to know its a lot more stable. I may have to try out the new version.

  16. Great site, found you through twitter and loved this latest podcast! Thank you 🙂

  17. Hi Jason,
    Discovered your site from a posting Rob’s blog – another useful site now added to my list of regulars!
    Thanks for an informative posting here.


  18. Is there any change in slideshow part in Lightroom 3? If not what’s the recommended way to make professional slideshows in Mac?

    1. You can now export your slideshow as video, which means it will include the music (if there is any). If you have music, there is a new button to fit the duration of the show to the length of the music. The new watermarking function is also accessible in the Slideshow module. There is also a new option to prepare the previews in advance of playing the show, which solves the old problem of the slideshow getting stuck or looping back to the start because it ran faster than Lightroom could generate the previews on the fly.

  19. making my random entry to see if I am a fortunate winner of the contest 🙂

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