The field of photography is a very challenging venue and finding your “voice” in a crowded field can often make the task seem daunting.  If you want to challenge yourself in different ways, try something else.  Painting, singing, and yes, playing a musical instrument can not only give you a new vision for your photography,  but it can get your creative juices going in ways that you may not realize.  While you may never become a Picasso, Luciano Pavarotti, or a Mozart, even picking up something you used to do as a kid (or when you were younger for those among us who are under the 30-something cutoff!), and giving it a whirl can give you new-found pleasures.

For instance, when I was much younger, I took piano lessons for seven years.  Endless scales, arpeggios, and the whole nine yards filled my practice sessions for days, weeks, months, and well….years!  When I moved onto college, other interests bended me away from the piano, probably because after seven years I realized I was never going to be a Mozart.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed the practice and occasionally I return to tickle the ivories from time to time.  The photography vision has been clouded this week, and I found some solace in the keyboards late Friday night.  So, I plugged in the M-Audio keyvoard to my Mac and pounded away for a while as my fingers tried to remember their proper positions.  I remembered again that I am no Mozart, but I do have some creative ideas again, all because of a little ditty I put together.  Does this ring a bell for any of you?


Have a great weekend everyone!  Happy shooting, and we’ll see you back here Monday with the results of my creative challenge! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Challenge yourself!

  1. I’ve been fortunate to be able to combine my love of music and photography. There is nothing better than producing photographs while experiencing your favorite band live. [img][/img]

  2. I also love dancing as an outlet. If you can’t dance, or feel self conscious, wait till you’re alone, and then turn on the music, and boogie! I always feel so exhilarated and creatively inspired afterward.
    .-= Jessica S.´s last blog ..Warning =-.

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