That’s right – a drobo is up for grabs.  For those that already tune in to This Week In Photography, hosted by Scott Bourne, you probably already know about this, but he and his crew of friends (Steve Simon, Frederick Van Johnson and Ron Brinkmann) host a photo contest about once a quarter.  The goal of the contest is to get you out shooting with a theme in mind.  Well, this month, in order to motivate people they are also including a Drobo for some lucky participant.  So, how do you get in on the action?

  • Well, first, go to Photrade and set up a free account.
  • Then, join the TWIP Photo Contest
  • Finally, upload your favorite photo (that fits with the theme).

That’s it!  Three easy steps to winning a Drobo!  As luck would have it, I just happen to have a link to Photrade here at CanonBlogger.  Simply click on the picture over to your right to get over to Photrade, where you can register and then upload your own entry (or if you run out of time, you can just vote for mine! 🙂 )

In any case, it’s a great prize, and also an excellent backup solution for anyone from a beginner to a serious photographer as the scalability of it rocks!  You can learn more about Drobo here.

Don’t forget, for those RSS readers out there.  Stop over to the blog to see the latest poll and contribute.  It’s more fun and revealing when we all throw our 2¢ in the mix!  Happy shooting, have a great weekend, and we’ll see you back here on Monday!

2 thoughts on “You can win a Drobo!

  1. Yup the header is new, thanks for noticing Tim! Thanks also for the vote – although the leader has almost 5x as many votes so the Drobo search may be in vain…I guess it depends on the votes from the TWIP staff…

  2. Love the new header! (It is new right?)

    Voted for your yellow! Beauty!

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