Wordless Wednesday #029: The Shot That Wasn't

#1 – What rule of composition did I use and why?

The Rule of Thirds definitely applies here.  Look at where the horizon is, and where that sunburst is relative to the entire frame.  

#2 – Are any rules of composition broken?

Maybe I am too close to it, but from my perspective, I’d say it is a pretty classic example, so no compositional rules are broken.

#3 – What camera/lens combo did I use?

For this shot, I was on my trusty Canon 40D, and the lens mount was the Canon 10-22mm ultrawide.  This particular lens has edge distortion, but is also particularly suited to landscape photography, which was definitely the goal here.

#4 – What lighting did I use?

Here, there were no lights…it was au naturale:  S=1/7th, f22, focal length = 10mm, and an ISO of 100

#5 – How did I process it?

Okay, I did do some substantial work in post on this.  I dropped the exposure nearly two stops and slid the recovery slider all the way up.  I also did some sharpening and noise reduction.  Why?  Well, it was raining and a lot of water was hitting the lens.  The post production was done to bring more contrast to the image, clean up the water that was on the lens, and give it the look and feel that I had when I was there.  let’s face it – sometimes it’s worth the effort to try and save the shot.  Sometimes it works, and some times it doesn’t. The result up top is still not something I would typically include as an image I am proud of, but the process is worth discussing because there is merit there.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look at the original:

Wordy Wednesday:  The Shot That Wasn't - Original

Now – does the effort work for you?

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