Wordy Wednesday #028: Dewy Details

#1 – What rule of composition did I use and why?

For this particular photo, I’m not sure there is a Rule of Composition that applies.  The Rule of Thirds, Golden K, Circle, etc. and the rest are clearly not present.  It’s just a random pattern of dewdrops, and in remembering when I took this, the random nature is what I wanted to capture, so the rules went out the window

#2 – Are any rules of composition broken?

Yes – all over the place!  As mentioned in point #1, there is no rule to this, it’s all random, and that randomness was the goal, so I had to throw all the rules out the window in order to accomplish the objective.  Does it work for you?

#3 – What camera/lens combo did I use?

For this shot, I was on my trusty Canon 40D, and the lens mount was the Sigma 70mm Macro.  This particular lens is very sharp, and ideally suited to macro photography, which was my objective when I first went out.  The dewdrops of the flora and fauna in the area were on my mind, but as I returned home, this particular scene drew me, both because of the randomness, and as a “teachable moment” that your own vision can change or the theme of a shoot can change if you keep your mind open.

#4 – What lighting did I use?

Here, there were no lights…it was au naturale:  S=1/125th, f11, focal length = 70mm, and an ISO of 400

#5 – How did I process it?

Minimal processing on this one.  The neutral tones, and just the idea of how raindrops can be amazing no matter where they exist (this was on the hood of a highly polished car) as the goal, and I liked it.  All I did was sharpen and remove a little noise (+60, +50).

Hopefully this will help those of you who are interested in learning what I see with my eye and why I capture certain images.  If you have more questions, or thoughts on improvement, feel free to share those in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Wordy Wednesday #028: Detailed Dewdrops

  1. Hey Walter,

    Not a troll at all – the fact that you are liking the new format for the now “Wordy Wednesday” is a good thing – it makes people (you) think, engage, and ask questions, which was the whole point to begin with.

    I had chosen the 70mm Macro lens on my way out because it had just finished raining, and my initial photo walk intent was to get macro shots of water drops on leaves, grass, etc. I did have some success there, and was walking home.

    When I walked past a parked car on the street, the random, yet beautiful water drops beading up on the slick finish caught my eye. I wanted to capture that, yet did not want to walk back to the house, change lenses, and walk all the way back again on a hunch.

    So, the lens choice was more coincidental for this particular shot. Having said that, the Sigma 70mm Macro is one of the sharpest and fastest lenses in my camera bag. I bought that lens before I ever started working with the folks at Sigma on lens reviews. It is one of my favorite lenses for low light, macro work, and portrait work.

    The $$$ was definitely a consideration when I made the purchase…if I had my druthers today, now that I am more financially stable, I probably would have selected the Canon 100mm f2.8 because it’s a lot quieter. The Sigma is a bit noisy and slow to focus – but this was the first generation one, and did not have its USM feature.

    I’ve prattled a lot here, but hopefully this helps you! 🙂

    1. Thanks Jason (again)! Yr comments have been a great help indeed and as it looks, I will prob go for the Canon 100mm macro eventually despite the higher price but it also comes with IS which might prove useful at times.

      It is always good to hear from podcasters in the field like you what they are using and why. So, I really appreciate your comments on this topic and making it a wordy Wednesday.


  2. Hi Jason,

    Sorry, I hate to be a troll and have sth to say on every pic u post but the Sigma lens triggered a Q as I am in the market for a macro-lens.

    Was it mainly $$$ that made you select the Sigma 70mm vs the Canon 100mm 2.8 IS USM or are there other important reasons I might not be aware of.

    I really like the shot and the “rules of nature” … personally I consider randomness the most powerful rule of all – so, it def works 4 me. Thanks!

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