While the title should be self-explanatory, it unfortunately isn’t for the first ever Wordless Wednesday.  Here’s the deal…I am going to start posting an image every Wednesday.  The purpose is for you to enjoy the image!  I’ve so many images in my library of work thus far that have never made it into sets, portfolio reviews, juried shows, and the like, that it’s simply time to start culling some of them here.  What do I want in return?  Nothing!  Just enjoy the image.  If one speaks to you in particular, feel free to share your own emotions, thoughts, perspectives, and heck – if you wanna critique it, feel free.  After all, photography is about sharing our images, right?  If this gains traction, I may even create a dedicated page with an archive of the idea for 2012…and beyond? 🙂

Wordless Wednesday #001

5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #001

  1. i’m speechless, sorry Jason I couldn’t resist.

    1. Speechless in a good or bad way?

      Or is it more of a play off the “wordless” theme when you say “speechless”? 🙂

      1. you got me just trying to be smart, but i like the idea and will be back on wednesday to see what’s new

  2. Luis Fernandez says:

    Love your snap. I’ll be eagerly waiting for Wordless Wednesday from now on.

    Best wishes.


  3. I like the idea. My critique isn’t on the image itself, but instead on the frame. I like it, but you can’t see it because the page background is white. So it looks like an image with a floating title and signature. When you click on it to make it larger it shows up fine, so not sure what the problem is. Looking forward to more images!

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