That’s right, some special news this Tuesday for you out there in the listening audience…the folks at Drobo and I have been working together for a bit now in putting this together, and in an exclusive offer for Canon Blogger listeners only, here’s your chance to win a band new Drobo FS from the folks at Data Robotics!  Valued at nearly $700, this is a super fantastic sweepstakes and it is for a limited time!Drobo Fs

Here’s what you need to to:

1.  Follow me over on Twitter (@CBJason), and follow the folks at Data Robotics (@Drobo), if you aren’t following already (current followers do not need to re-follow).

2.  Tweet the following message:

RT  Exclusive Canon Blogger sweepstakes giveaway! Win a #Drobo S from @CBJason and @Drobo Details here:

3.  Then, follow the link provided below to enter your information and be registered for the giveaway:

Thanks so much to the folks at Data Robotics for their generous donation.  The winner will be drawn this Friday, so make sure you act now – only 72 hours to get in on the action, while the getting is good! DroboIn addition to the big winner, Data Robotics will also be sending out an exclusive discount deal to all non-winners, so really, enter this sweepstakes!  If you need a super stable, redundant, scalable, and reliable file storage system – the Drobo is the way to go!  I’ve been using mine for 2 years and have never looked back!  This limited time offer goes from 12:01 Tuesday (Pacific Time) until 9am this Friday, so it’s a limited window – but for a $700 prize, worth the incentive to act quickly!

More tk, so keep on shootin’!

13 thoughts on “Win a Drobo!

  1. My hubby and I have been coveting a Drobo FS for a while now – especially now that we’ve got baby pics spread out across 3 computers and now multiple itunes all with local storage rundandant to other computers. A high quality NAS would simplify our lives considerably.

  2. Hi Marco,

    Drobo is running the contest, so they would have to speak to eligibility questions. I know you have to be 18 or older…

  3. Jason,

    Is it open to US residents only or can we Europeans enter as well?


    1. I’ll have to defer to the folks at Drobo, but believe it’s open as other country options are available in the form from their site…

  4. Drobo FS or Drobo S? Article says FS but tweet says S 😉

    1. Drobo FS or S – choice of the winner….thought I had everything consistent across the board, but apparently typoed the one. Thanks for catching it and the clarification! 🙂

  5. Woohoo!! I like a lot! off to go “throw some bones” or some kinda voodoo to put the winning gods in my favor! 😉 hehehehe

  6. Been waiting on purchasing a Drobo, but it will be happening soon Jason.

    Just checked how many retweets there are on Twitter, looks like a lot of folks are entering!

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