Windmills at Sunset in Pawnee Butte

We all have Circadian rhythms or body cycles that are tuned specifically to us…whether you identify that as being a morning person or a night owl.  This also applies to your creative rituals too though.  Because our body clocks all operate on a unique pattern of restfulness and alertness, we have different times when we are the most creative.  Our mind is able to focus on creative ideas and energies, and the distractions of the rest of the world aren’t nearly as distracting.  The windmills are out there and we tilt away at them with every fiber of energy!  Do you know when your creative zone occurs?

For me, that time often comes right around midnight.  If I am not too sleepy, or I power through the initial desire to just go to bed, my mind suddenly becomes much clearer, my vision focuses, and I get so much done from my creative space, it’s kind of eerie.  Tracy woke up once to find my literally typing a million miles a minute…the thoughts couldn’t get out of my brain fast enough.  After about 3-4 hours of it though, my entire body just shuts down.  The exciting thing though, is that I’ve been able to identify this creative zone.  I know if I need to get some writing done, or some post production work on photos, or anything creative – those are the hours when I get the most accomplished.

We’re all different though, some people have this rush of creativity in the morning, or in the middle of meals or other activities.  I’ve talked to so many people who still are unsure of when they really are at their creative best.  When people attend workshops and get immersed in a creative world, the ideas flow much more naturally.  The same holds for conferences, seminars, and any type of learning environment.  It’s like the mind knows that other creatives are around and the energy for learning and expression is much higher than what we are normally exposed to.  The trick comes in being able to identify when your creative zone normally happens when you are in that daily routine.  Is it right when you wake up?  After that first cup of coffee?  Right before you go to bed at night?  Or is it on those sleepless nights at 2am when your creative juices just start flowing?

When is your creative zone?

4 thoughts on “When is Your Creative Zone?

  1. Late afternoon. Two hours before the sun goes down. I just walk around and see the perfect shots everywhere I look! 🙂

  2. I couldn’t really pinpoint a time of the day, it comes in waves. I get a lot of creative thinking done when I am walking and I often prefer walking then taking any kind of transportation. On the other hand traveling gets the creative juices going as well, and if I can I prefer slow travel to air travel.

    The frequently mentioned time under the shower can be quite interesting as well for new thoughts and ideas. Right after waking up is often bad, in particular if I had been immersed in the dreamworld, which often takes me quite some time to get back to reality again.

    Night time is usually great because it is what I consider real private time – you can be almost sure that no one gets into your thoughts …

    Interesting subject, Jason …

  3. Something is always catching my eye. I’m constantly thinking about how to shoot something or how to present a photo. But I guess the best time is first thing in the morning. I get up just before sunrise, go out and shoot, get home and start editing and before I know it, it’s 2 in the afternoon. I haven’t had breakfast or lunch ( just a lot of Diet Pepsi). If my wife didn’t stop me to eat I would probably keep going until I dropped.

    1. I know a few folks who are in their creative zone literally 24/7 like you are While that type of energy is very powerful and admirable, my suspicion is that most people aren’t as gung-ho as that, and from conversations I’ve had with others, it’s more a matter of honing in on when you have the time and mindset to explore your creative vision amongst the non-creative moments.

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