What's This - Week 20

We took a week off last week from the mystical photo posting of “What’s This?”, but I am happy to say it’s back again today.  Here’s a slow pitch one for everyone as we stop thinking about photography and start thinking about Thanksgiving.  WHat’s the image above?  The winner, as always wins thousands of dollars in cash and prizes, a lifetime membership in all photo associations, a new car, their own private island, and of course, bragging rights here on CB.

Yeah, okay, pretty much nothing but the last one can be taken seriously.  Anyway, in light of the upcoming holiday, I would like to say thanks to all who have supported the blog and who have shared their thoughtful comments and feedback, as well as all those who have participated.  Tomorrow will be a “No Blog” day, but I’ll be back on Friday to wrap up the week.  Happy Thanksgiving to all the US readers, and to those outside the US, have a great Thursday.  Happy shoot, and as always, I hope all your shots are good ones!

5 thoughts on “What’s This – Week 19

  1. My quess is a view of glass building where some of the office lights are still on and window shade pulled down in a few offices

  2. I am guessing a building, I am purposely not looking at the comments

    Happy T day

  3. Shot from below looking up of an office building after 5/6pm as not all the lights are on – so most people have gone home to celebrate the holidays. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Heather O says:

    Wow, I am going cross-eyed as I only have a small image to look at on my phone…. Is that a vertical view up the side of a building?

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, I hope you get to enjoy it with your loved ones!

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