What's This? - Week 01

Nothing fancy today – just something to whet your creativity – can you guess what this is?  It took me a while to dig through my archive of images to find one that I could crop this way and effectively not give it away.  The winner….well, wins!  Good luck to all, happy shooting, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow!

Oh yeah, don’t forget to vote in the poll – how much time do you spend shooting for your own projects each month?

3 thoughts on “What’s This? – Week 01

  1. Well, I guess it was entirely too easy again, eh? Congrats to both Candace and Tim for getting it right. I thought that perhaps the close up would at least offer some confusion…although it is a bigger shell than the ones used to make necklaces…

  2. That my good man, looks like a seashell to me. You know, like those little ones that get strung up to make a necklace.

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