Every weekend, I try to devote some time to coming up with some good ideas and content for the blog.  It’s almost always photo-related, with something along the lines of a tip, idea, suggestion, or approach.  If nothing like that is in the coffers, gear reviews, product analyses, and other industry hitting events will often “grace the stage”.

Today, no such luck.  I had neither the resources to create anything (camera gear is all packed up – you’ll see why shortly), nor the time to really review or research industry happenings.  Instead, just a quick video of what I ended up doing all weekend!  (Trust me, it was not just frogging around and being lazy!)

And for the record – I [b]hate[/b] carpet tack strips! 🙂

What did you do this weekend?  Share your own weekend frivolities, photo escapades, or other nuggets in the comments! 🙂

Happy shooting, and I promise to be back again with some real content and not this frivolous stuff (although these are usually the ones people seem to enjoy the most – go figure!)

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