Weekly Summary

Saturdays are a great time to catch up on all the photo activities from the week, so in that vein, here’s a quick Saturday post to give you a few links to visit if you didn’t have time during the week.  Some are mine, some come from elsewhere, but all are fun, interesting, useful, and/or inspiring!  Enjoy!

Starting a Personal Photo Project (Digital Photography School)
5 Ways to Beautiful Backgrounds (Canon Blogger)
How To Hold Your Camera (Canon Blogger)
Composition Basics: Get In Close (Camera Dojo)
Top 5 Lighting Modifiers (Camera Dojo)
Light Painting Primer (DIY Photography)
Underwater Gun Photography (Petapixel)
Photographs of Mirrors on Easels (Petapixel)

That’s it for today…should be enough to get you through the weekend, but if not, share your own links in the comments!  Happy shooting!

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