Today I am featuring a hardware review of the Justin Clamp – specifically, we are looking at a Manfrotto iteration of it.  Why is it called a Justin Clamp?  Well…I’m not sure why it’s called a Justin Clamp to be honest.  I guess some guy named Justin came up with the idea, but regardless, it’s a pretty cool idea!  So, “What is a Justin Clamp?”, you ask?  So glad you did, because this hardware review both shows you the quality of this Manfrotto version of it, and the video really serves to help show, explain, and walk you through the features.  It’s a pretty straightforward (hopefully) hardware review, and really adds to your lighting options when you consider the versatility of where you can position lights with this clever device.  Take a look:


  1. Lightweight and portable
  2. Easy to use
  3. Sturdily built
  4. Adds a huge range of options for portable lighting


  1. Price to use ratio – this will really only be handy for those who are into using off camera lighting in interesting and unique places, so if you don’t like to venture outside traditional setups often, the price might be a bit high to justify use
  2. Awkward shape – While the Justin Clamp is small enough (as the video hardware review above indicates), it is a bit awkward which can take up a lot of space in a camera bag.  If you are into run-and-gun style photography, your bag is likely smaller, and this could eat up precious real estate in a small photo bag.

It seems you are all enjoying the presence of multimedia on the site, from videos to photos, and eBooks, given traffic reports lately,!  The last Lightroom video seemed particularly enjoyable, so thanks for all that have enjoyed it thus far! So, with that in mind, there’s more of that coming on a regular basis.  I’ll try to get a video tutorial or gear review up more regularly.  Some interesting changes may be coming down the pike though, so I will have to just wait and see.  In the meantime, keep enjoying the videos.

3 thoughts on “Video Hardware Review Justin Clamp

  1. video is always good for getting your message across.. as Jeff says its named after Joe Macnally colleague

  2. Pretty sure the Justin Clamp is named after a Joe McNally assistant who is the inventor. Read about it in one of his books. Great clamp. I’ve had one for a few years and its my go-to clamp 9 out of 10 times.

  3. Great post Jason! I’m really enjoying your videos. The Jason clamp looks like a great tool. I have some homemade clips that I’ve made for my speedlites and small cameras, but I can’t use my homemade stuff when I’m shooting a paid gig. And I have also scratched up a fair amount of gear with my homemade rigs as well. Thanks for the solid review on the Jason clamp!

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