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Is it me, or is there always a lot of “versus” discussion going on in the field of photography?  For a while there it was film versus digital.  After that, I recall a lot of discussions surrounding raw versus jpg image capturing.  Then, we moved on to Canon vs Nikon (or any other vendor).  Next up, it was “normal” versus HDR post processing.  More recently, we’ve seen discussions centered around still versus video too.  Technical versus creative, Apple versus Microsoft, Aperture versus Lightroom versus Photoshop versus iPhoto versus…..take your pick!

I have been equally guilty of fanning the flames of versus discussions.  Just recently I wrote a post about lighting versus compositional elements of a photograph (and another one is coming out soon in the PhotographyBB magazine that expands on that idea!).  So, this is more an observation than a critique, because when it comes down to it, discussion is a good thing, right?

But the larger question is whether discussion is the main thrust of it all.  When you think about it, the field of photography really isn’t “about” discussion – that’s the field of debate.  Photography is more about capturing images, whether intended for sale, personal expression, a business model, or anything else – what we really need to be doing is taking pictures!


There’s an old saying from my college days:  “Those that can’t, teach.  Those that can’t teach, teach college.”  It’s a tongue in cheek perspective on pursuing a post graduate degree, and not one that is necessarily without a modicum of truth to it (I had some really bad college professors at times).  But the upshot of all this is “Those that can, do!

So, if you think you can, then by all means get out and try!  It starts with actually getting out and taking pictures instead of sitting here reading this blog.  So, what are you waiting for?  Have a great weekend, and get out to do some shooting!  See you back here on Monday! (maybe! 🙂  )

3 thoughts on “Versus

  1. Awesome post my friend. So TRUE TOO! Can’t wait to read the article in the mag.

  2. Love this blog Post! My husband and I are both photographers and editors and it is because we were getting all wrapped up in the trials and tribulations of photography discussion, that we started the ‘Photo of the Day’ Challenge on our blog! We have to take at least one photo everyday and post it to the blog. This way we are constantly picking up and using our many pieces of equipment and looking for creativity. We are also inviting others to join in, we would love for you and your readers to check it out:

  3. Hey, I’ve been shooting! Promise. Ghosts, tour guides, goofy kids, strange backdrops. Of course, while shooting I’m all Aperture Priority vs Manual. Dang!

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