That’s the last time Scott Kelby rolled into town.  On that fateful day I was honored enough to enjoy his company for a photo walk around downtown Denver on the eve of his Lightroom Seminar!  Rather than regale the tales, I’ll just defer to the his post here today:

The Heartbreak of Losing a Full Memory Card

His photos were saved, and while he claims that none were portfolio worthy, when I go back and look at my pretty lame compilation, his throwaways were still better than my keepers.  How sad is that?  LOL  Anyway, sorry I couldn’t be at the seminar today Scott – even after I asked when you would make it back.  Hopefully this trip will be a tad better…


That being said, if anyone does have the time for the day – I don’t know if they are talking walk-up registrations, but if so, you will want to get there early, just in case – these sessions are really worth their weight in gold! Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to keep on shooting!  We’ll see you back here again on Monday…

One thought on “Two Years, Four Months, and Ten Days

  1. Absolutely agree regarding his seminars. I got the chance to go to his Crushing the Composition talk last week and it was very informative!

    drobo … Drobo … DROBO … !!!

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