It’s Time to Choose…

Yesterday I shared some thoughts on the quagmire of problems we face as photographers – copyright and small business issues run the gamut, and it’s not an easy decision.  I’ve made my decision though and am heading to the voting booth today to cast my ballot.  Neither candidate really represents me, but I do have to make a decision on who I think is better suited to address the myriad of issues we face in the coming years.

Regardless of your thoughts about politics in general (my wife can’t stand politics period), or if you lean to the left or the right, getting out and voting is the only way we can make sure that the officials know we still care, and that they’d better be respectful of that.  We are the ones that put them in office, and we have the power to remove them from office if they don’t respect our goals as a society.

Make sure you vote today – now, more than ever, it’s important to make sure those who are elected know that they must represent us!  If anything, it helps to know that after today, the ads, campaigns, and such can stop for at least a little bit.  It’ll be back to the usual rhetoric! :-)

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