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An integral part of my online presence is the regular podcast:  Learning Digital Photography.

It started with occasional vid-casts and audio shorts published here on the blog (the early years, if you prefer).  These video recordings are  available from the now very much dated "Learning Resource Center".  Some of it is very choice of music intros, corny teasers, and slips of the tongue.  While good for laughs, some of the content is still very much valid, so I've left it intact (including the cheesy animated gif in the upper left corner).  Anyway, all that is available there.

Learning Digital PhotographyLDP now has an app in the iTunes store too!  Subscribers to the app will have access to additional bonus content, and easy ways to access show info, ask questions, stream the show itself, and archive as desired.  More details are at the new app link in iTunes here!

As I am able, I will also be adding various audio and video resource links to this page, so make sure you bookmark this and check back regularly to see what new content is either up for download, reading, and or listening/viewing.  Until then, don't forget to grab the latest episode of the LDP podcast directly.  Thanks for listening, and as always, feel free to let me know your thoughts with feedback and comments on the blog, at the show site, or in iTunes with a review.  Happy shooting!

Episodes by number:

6 comments for “The Podcast

  1. ed

    Miss your podcast !!!

    • Jason

      Hi Ed,

      Sorry, it’s been a while since I’ve even posted to the site here…more is coming as soon as I get through the Spring rush at work, but am not sure when (or even if) the podcast will return to a live status. Life is just pulling me in too many directions anymore it seems. Maybe some day, so I’ll never say never, but the podcast will not likely return for the short term future 🙁

      Thanks for stopping in to comment though…

  2. at

    Yeah, it’s something I’ve been meanng to get to, but obviously has not made it very high on my to do list. Let me see what I can dig up for you. I think I archived them offline to help with bandwidth there for a while.

    Is there a specific one you were interested in?

  3. D Walker

    Is there a way to get episodes 1-31?

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