This staple has been in my wheel house for about 5 years now, and every year, updates to lists of publications looking for photographs and articles are listed, with tons of useful information – what they’re buying, how much they’re buying, and what the going rates are for various types of images, as well as the distribution for each of the markets you are looking to get networked into.  Always a great reference material, and worth every penny!  It’s on sale now at Amazon, so would suggest anyone wanting to get serious about getting their images published in 2012, go out and get this now!

Photographers Market Guide 2012

The thing is, with this particular resource, it’s better to get it earlier than later, and since it’s already almost March, time is ticking!  Remember the stuff we’ve talked about here on the blog in the past about how to present your work to potential publishers, and take their submission guidelines seriously.  Those that don’t quickly find their way to the recycle bin (or in old school parlance – the circular file)!  Give it a read – you’ll thank me in the end!

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