For a while now, my good friend Kerry Garrison (of Camera Dojo) and I have been working in concert with Nations Photo Lab to build a new interface up at their website for a learning resource guide, which will be serving up free monthly webinars!  With both myself and Kerry Garrison as hosts, we launched our first webinar yesterday with a sellout crowd of 100 people in attendance!  It was a lot of fun as we tackled several subjects relating to Lightroom and how to process your images.  I took on creative crop overlays and ND filters while Kerry handled the portrait retouching aspects of Lightroom.

The Live Learning Lab
The Live Learning Lab

Our schedule is the second Wednesday of every month so another will be forthcoming here in a few weeks for February.  We’ll be covering a lot more than Lightroom, including Photoshop, probably some photography composition techniques, and much much more.  We’re working on a guest host schedule too, so it’s worth checking out.  There’s no gimmicks, no fuss, no muss – just a way for the group to collectively give back to the entire community!  Each webinar is about an hour long (our first went about 15 minutes over), and they will all be accessible via instant archives immediately following the webinar too.  It’s great to view live because you can ask questions as you think of them, but if your schedule doesn’t permit, the archives will be available for your enjoyment too!


5 thoughts on “The Live Learning Lab!

  1. That’s awesome! I haven’t tried out podcasts yet. Do you find that you like that format better than a regular writing for a blog format?

    1. The podcasts will continue…this Learning Lab is being done in conjunction with Nations Photo Lab to help promote their online resources (and of course their printing services).

      It’s hard to say which format is “better” as they really serve different purposes.

  2. My only wish is that I could’ve been there LIVE…purely for your torment of course 😛

    You guys are awesome on the podcast together and I’m sure the webinar is just as great! I’m going to plant myself down now and listen to the replay.

    1. Feel free to torment – we like the interaction! 🙂

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