With October now behind us (and a belated Happy Halloween), it’s time to close up shop on the October contest.  To that end, I am happy to announce the winner of the Lensbaby Composer!  It was a super challenging month, given the theme of “Stacking” (courtesy of our sponsor – Stack Exchange), but a winner has been selected.  That person is….

inspiredbytime (Josh and Jamie Noah)

Stacked - Josh & Jamie Noah

Something about the idea of stacking up soda caps, the angle of view here, and the inclusion of one color tab randomly just kind of spoke to me this month.  A clever take on the theme, and nicely blurred background also gave this some points in the judging.  While many photos were well done, this is the one that stood out for me. (Believe me, it was very tough to choose!).  So, congratulations to Josh and Jamie Noah (I am guessing it’s a joint Flickr account)!  Please contact me via email to get the details and logistics done to claim your Lensbaby from our sponsor over at Stack Exchange!

Coming up this month – another awesome sponsor has stepped up to the plate.  We are finalizing the details, but the folks at Image Wizards will be sponsoring the November giveaway with an awesome print on some of their stock, which I understand produces amazing prints.  The contest details and particulars will likely be announced tomorrow, so do stop back for the specifics.

One last shout out to the October sponsors at Stack Exchange, as their contribution of a Lensbaby Composer for the monthly contest series was super generous – if you have some time to check them out, it’s really a great photography resource!

4 thoughts on “The Lensbaby Winner is…

  1. Well done to the winners, green eyed monster here, especially as the winning image was submitted after the closing date of the 30th! grr! 🙂 Oh well, will try again another day (or month!!)

    Keep up the good work Jason! keeping an eye on the next competition!

    1. Thanks for noting that. Sorry about the date mix-up on my part (I had forgotten it was supposed to close on the 30th, not the 31st, so judged eligibility based on that goof. I don’t think the submission was intentionally late though, nor blatant, so the judging is final at this point. For future reference, this page may be helpful:


      “Also, please refrain from raising questions about a contest once the month has been completed including closing times, image eligibility, or other matters related to administration of the contest.”


      1. Lol, no problem… That month needed an entrant boost! Now get this month’s contest up and running!!

        Keep up the good work Jason!


  2. Congrats Josh and Jamie! And thanks again Jason for putting this together. Looking forward to the next challenge!

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