As promised, I have a black-and-white version of the original panorama from the trip across the country finished. Also, as I finally had some down time with the camera, I took off in search of some sunset scenery (I am used to sunrise shots from SC, so now I have to switch to sunsets being on the western side of the country!). I found one two days ago, and the scene really screamed “this is a pano” to me, so my first shots from Colorful Colorado are also for the benefit of panoramic photography! Enjoy these shots. The latter of the two (the sunset) was my inclusion in the upcoming Geographic Composition series hosted by Jason D. Moore so be sure to stop in there tomorrow for a look at the others in this regular event. The theme this go-around was “transitions”, and I thought this was an appropriate shot – my first shot in CO, and the water, to mountains, to sky, plus some super nice color transitions to boot.

Black and White Panorama of the Kansas Skies

Colorado Sunset Panorama

Jason D. Moore – Geographic Composition Series: Transitions

Well, that’s all for today, Thursday. Remember, Jason’s Geographic Composition Series collection will begin tomorrow, but since I am posting this rather late (9PM Mountain time), the readership will likely see this tomorrow morning. Until tomorrow night then, happy shooting and watch those apertures!

6 thoughts on “The last of the panoramas (for now)

  1. Now those are soooome panos! Both really caught my eye right away!

    the sky is the first one is AMAZING! Just how i love it!

  2. Thanks Mike – they were fun at the moment too, which is what it’s all about! 🙂

  3. It’s a small one up near Loveland…great place for taking the dog, a picnic, or some boating. Public access (obviously) and a bike path too!

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