Okay, no drum rolls, no fancy build-up, gonna make it easy peasy this month!  The winner of the free copy of Photo Mechanic from the folks over at Camera Bits, is none other than:


June Contest Winner: Jawdoc

His image of the Tilt-a-Whirl (or whatever you call it) really stood out for me in terms of the sense of motion and speed, so congrats to you sir.  If you could be so kind as to drop me an email, I will forward your name and info over to the folks at Camera Bits who are ready for delivery of your installation code for Photo Mechanic!  One final nod of thanks to them as well, for their generous contribution for the June Giveaway!

And now, for the July Giveaway, our next prize is yet another doozy!  The good folks over at Thinktank Photo have generously sent some of their latest product line to me for review, and now up for grabs is none other than their already well-received Streetwalker Pro bag.  This holds an astounding amount of gear for its size, allows for a tripod, and much more.  I’ve not had a chance to kick its tires yet (so to speak), but you know a review is going to come up soon for this month, so keep an eye and ear open!

It retails for $159 US, and this one is a beauty!


Again, because the prize will be shipped from my location rather than Thinktank, the shipping requirementsare built into this months guidelines:

1.  All images must be between 600-800 px on the longest dimension.

2.  Each person can submit up to two images

3.  The theme is STREET, fitting for a Streetwalker Pro

4.  Contest Deadline is:  July 31st at midnight Mountain Time (GMT -7).  Add or subtract for your own time zone as needed.

5.  US Residents only…sorry international folks.

6. The photo must be included in this Flickr thread.

7. The Flickr photo must be downloadable – we share the winning photo via announcement here on the blog and in newsletters – so I need to get it to do that!

8. Have fun! Remember photography is supposed to be fun so keep that in mind as you approach the May giveaway.

9. Reminder Guidelines and Rules of Engagement links are here for easy reference.

Special thanks to not only Camera Bits and Think Tank photo, but to all the sponsors – and for readers out there, if you would like to see a product reviewed and/or offered up for a giveaway, feel free to drop suggestions in the comments – that’s where vendors look! 🙂

The link to enter the contest is here – good luck to all!

3 thoughts on “The June Winner is….

  1. Excellent prize, I have the same question as Miguel, is there a date taken requirement for this?

    1. Sorry, been a bit busy and not had a chance to reply to comments here…the purpose of the contest is to challenge yourself. Tis means ideally you are taking shots within the 30 day window of the time period.

      Having said that, if you have that perfect shot that is just meant for this, then by all means, submit it even if only to share your images with the world! 🙂

  2. Miguel Palaviccini says:

    Hi, great prize! Does the photo need to be taken within this month … or could it have been a photo that was taken a while ago? Thanks!

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