Last week I shared out a video on how to handle noise and sharpening in Lightroom 4. On the heels of that, I also shared a video hardware review on what a Justin Clamp is and how it can be used in a lighting your photography. Since these videos seem to be fairly popular. here’s another one on how to use the Graduated Filter in Lightroom 4.

Are you enjoying these video tutorials?  Judging from the analytics, they do seem to be pretty popular, so there’s likely more coming down the pike.  The next eBook announcement having been delayed, and now this rather unfortunate chest cold have left me a little behind the 8-ball so to speak, but more tutorials and educational content is coming.  But, if you keep following, you may find a neat little photo lesson coming up soon (hint, hint…eBook topic!) Thanks to all who have helped spread the word via social media – keep at it!

One thought on “The Graduated Filter in Lightroom 4

  1. Another great video tutorial! I have been using Lightroom 4 for quite a while now and have never even touched the graduated filter button. Now that I know it is there I can already think of a few situations in which I will want to take advantage of it. Thanks for the clear and detailed explanation. Time to go play with that feature!

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