Very exciting news in my little corner of the globe as we’ve finally closed escrow on our new digs!  It happened Friday, so naturally Saturday and Sunday were spent college-style, huddled around boxes and crates eating take-out while we move our grips into the house.  I’ve now done 3 moves since starting this website:

1.  South Carolina to Colorado

2.  Colorado to Ohio apartment

3.  Ohio apartment to Ohio house

Now, some of you may not count the apartment, but when there’s physical exertion involved, I count it and there was substantial sweat equity this last weekend to complete our portion of Phase 3!  Now, granted, we are still sleeping on an air mattress since the remainder of our stuff is in storage (due in this coming weekend where I play the role of supervisor rather than the manual labor for a change!), but I count us as moved in.  Nothing amazing photographically to speak of here, just a few documentary photos to share the experience, lest ye all think I’ve forgotten photography!

2 thoughts on “The Final Push

  1. It’s super strange to know you’re no longer photographing or photowalking the streets of Denver. Of course I’m very happy for you and your family to finally be getting settled into your new digs and wishing you the best!

    Yes I still secretly stalk your blog on/off… 🙂

    1. Well, you’re one of the few! 😉

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