Call me obsessed, but I am totally hooked on the video that the Canon G12 is creating here.  I’ve got to get some photo testing done soon before I have to return it but for now here’s another sample video that shows how the G12 handles motion.  It also demonstrates a few other post production principles, including white balance, color, saturation, and vibrance.  Pretty cool, eh?

Got any ideas for other ways to test this?  I’ve got another episode of the Video Wars coming soon, and after that, will have a few last tests to run, but if you have ideas for content you’d like to see from the G12, ask and ye all shall be heard! 🙂  Until tomorrow – happy shooting!

3 thoughts on “The Canon G12 in Action

  1. Hola, puedo utilizar mi canon G12 con un flash Metz Mecablitz 20 BC 6 que tengo? alguna recomendación?

    (Hello, can I use my Canon G12 with a flash Metz Mecablitz 20 BC 6? any recommendations?)

    1. La montura del flash para el G12 está destinado para montar Canon específicos flashes. Destellos de terceros pueden o no funcionar cuando se conecta directamente. Yo no recomendaría hacer ningún tipo de flash tercero porque de la posibilidad de romper o bien el flash, la cámara o ambos debido a las variaciones de voltaje.

      Si desea utilizar un flash tercero, hay algunos factores desencadenantes muy fiables que se pueden utilizar para evitar problemas de este tipo. La serie Pocket Wizard es probablemente la más fiable, pero también el más caro. Otras opciones incluyen Radiopoppers y disparadores Cactus

      (The flash mount for the G12 is intended to mount Canon-specific flashes. Third party flashes may or may not work when attached directly. I would not recommend attaching any third party flash because of the possibility for breaking either the flash, the camera or both due to voltage variations.

      If you would like to use a third party flash, there are some very reliable triggers that can be used to avoid such issues. The Pocket Wizard series is probably the most reliable, but also the most expensive. Other options would include Radiopoppers and Cactus triggers)

      1. Muchísimas gracias por la ayuda!! mejor no lo uso….!!!

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