I’ve been something of a moving target for the past few weeks.  As you can likely tell, the blog has been rather sparse over the past two weeks, and that’s because of two things:

1.  I was traveling…a lot…over the past few weeks.  When I say a lot, that’s no joke.  From Denver to Tucson, back to Denver, then out again to Indianapolis, then up to Grand Rapids, then over to Toledo, down to Dayton, across to Springfield, back to Indianapolis, before returning to Denver again…..phew!  Suffice to say, the travel bug has been busy in my bonnet.  Add to that another trip back to Ohio coming up very shortly, and it’s safe to say, I’ve not added to the blog’s postings for a while.

2.  As a result, the blog has been depleted of “in the can” posts.  You see, running a blog that publishes five posts a week takes a certain amount of time to get together all the material needed to really put good content together (and you all deserve nothing but the best!).  Well, over the last three weeks, that good material has been completely published, and I am behind the 8-ball to start the new year!

Empty Can

No worries, though…I have several posts planned (I just need to sit down and get the words together) for the rest of this week, and moving forward.  Here’s just a hint of what’s to come:

December Bonanza Winner! –  I am sure you are all anxiously awaiting the announcement of the winner for the December giveaway.  It’s coming tomorrow…

Top Ten Blogs for 2012 – It’s become something of a tradition here on Canon Blogger to point you to some good folks that put out really good content, and I would be remiss not to get this out soon (expect it Friday or Monday).

Photo Lessons – An idea that had it’s genesis over the holidays, I am going to try (think New Years Resolutions kind of try) to put together a post every month that teaches something completely new on the blog – something that I have never covered or even hinted at before.  A few nuggets are already in their “research” phase and I suspect the first will come out next week.  With easily 4 or 5 more planned, I am halfway into completing that annual task already!

Podcasts! – I know, December was empty (think empty can again), but some good ones are planned very soon, including a photo magazine editor, a well-regarded photographer and writer from a very popular photo magazine, and much more.

There’s also other stuff coming up I hope, but as things are not yet firmed up, don’t want to even tease it lest the exciting news not come to pass, so hang with me all – more to come, I promise!  In the mean time, I hope everyone’s holidays were as enjoyable as mine were – the trips were all with family and loved ones in mind, so hoping you all took a break too and spent time with your own loved ones.  Happy New Year, and here’s to a great 2012!  What’s in your hopper for 2012?

One thought on “The Can is Empty…

  1. It’s about time we hear from you again! 🙂 I’m looking forward to the photo lessons, as the speedlight/umbrella ones seemed to be a pretty good success.

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