There is a ton of stuff coming up on the blog, and this weekend made a serious dent in several of the items to come…but none are really ready for “prime time” yet, so for today, I thought I’d share a couple topics that apparently have been met with enthusiasm in the past.  Still “worth a click” according to Google Analytics:

Worth a Click

Useful resource:  Review of Scott Kelby’s Digital Photography Book, Volume 3 – Now granted this received a fair amount of traffic during the book giveaway, but the review is apparently one that people have found useful as they consider which photography books to include in their library.

Top Photography Blogs for 2010 –   What Can I Say, we all love lists!  It makes for easy blog reading too as the eye can easily scan content for the important stuff and ignore the “fluff”!  Maybe I should put one together for 2011?

Three Reasons You Should be Using a Card Reader – Right after the Minnesota conference, I was surprised at the number of people still connecting their cameras to their computers directly.  Cringing internally, I put together a post highlighting 3 reasons to use a card reader.  This is still an active post that is referenced and linked to often.

Sigma 18-250 Review – Another fan favorite, apparently this lens is the apple of many people’s eye because as of today it is still among the top five posts I have of all time!  And that’s over 3 years of blogging folks – that’s substantial, and for me, indicative of it’s “click-worthiness”

DIY Legal Kit for Photographers – That’s right, there’s still some discount codes floating around out there for the eBook to get it at 50% off the already amazingly low price of $30.  If you need a leg up on starting your photography business and making sure your interests are protected, this is definitely something to add to the aresenal!

Of course, that’s just in this little corner of the internet.  There’s tons of nuggets from all corners out there, and while I’d love to share all of my own – time and space really don’t give me a chance to put it all out there (it’d get to be a bit of information overload if I did too!)  So, I’ll close by encouraging others to share their own “Worth A Click” links in the comments – remember, no one is an island, so share the knowledge!


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