Repeat after me…is the one you have with you!

While traveling recently (my DSLR is just too bulky for most of my travel lately), I was at a wedding in OH and did not have my gear with me.  A few snaps went around on the phone before I just tucked it away and played the part of spousal arm candy.  Once tucked away, those of us circa 1980’s started getting our groove on.  At one point out of the corner of my eye, the disco lights were dancing across the ceiling and something inside me just said…”Hmmmmm.” SNAP!

Ceiling Lights

Sure, it’s no masterpiece, and was taken from my iPhone, but something about it just makes me chuckle.  The point being?  Always have a camera with you.  Any camera.  If there’s nothing there, you’ll not capture a thing.   This will never sit in the Louvre, but I got a kick out of it.  And I took it on my phone camera!

What about you?  Any portable pics you ever take that just stand out for you?  Share ’em in the comments

Editor Note:  A thousand pardons to Joe Farace who had graciously agreed to write a guest post for me for this Monday!  I erroneously published his article last Monday and inadvertently flipped these two posts in my schedule by accident.  To read his post (which is what you should have received today, stop in to last week’s post here)

2 thoughts on “The Best Camera…

  1. This excellent blog post, “The Best Camera? | Canon Blogger” reveals the fact that you truly understand just
    what you r speaking about! I thoroughly agree. Many thanks ,Leona

  2. I always carry a camera with me, and yes… sometimes it is my phone. I am getting one of those new messenger photo bags so that I can carry my 5D around a little more than I do now. Not to mention, it will help me greatly with my wedding photography. Anyways, good read and I totally agree!

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