The 2010 Winter Solstice Eclipse

As you may recall from yesterday's post, I did not get the entire solstice eclipse from beginning to end due to cloud cover.  But, from the halfway point forward, the clouds cleared and I was able to get some adequate coverage.  After wrestling both mentally and processor-ily with the amount of images (98) and trying to figure out a good way to present the series, I decided on the spiral approach...

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse

What kinds of shots did you get?  How are you presenting them?  I debated on a video showing the movement across the sky, but that was very labor intensive, so decided on the above.  Thoughts, comments, feedback?  Share your shots too!

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    Awesome shot composite! I shared it to all my friends on facebook!


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    What a unique perspective Jason…I love it! CS5 must’ve been crying out “NO MORE POST!”….lol

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    Amazing Jason – nice one!

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    Wow, this is a fantastic photo coverage of the lunar eclipse last night! Well done.

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