A review lens from the folks at Sigma has been getting a good tire kicking here for the last few weeks.  I’ve tested it out in a number of environments, including portrait, landscape, and throughout the zoom range.  I have been pretty happy with the quality of images that have come out from it.  However, a new photo/writing project is in the works that will require me to hang on to the lens for a little while longer, so I asked Sigma if they would be okay with that.  Since they did confirm that, I am going to hold off on a review report here on the blog for a little while longer in order to complete project #2 (the first being the lens review).  So, instead of delivering a lens review as I had originally anticipated, here’s a teaser alert from the very lens in which a review is forthcoming:


I am quite happy with the sharpness on this lens.  (This was hand held…)  Any guesses as to which glass did this?  And for the pixel peepers out there, don’t peek at the meta or EXIF data!

9 thoughts on “Teaser Alert

  1. I am also guessing the 50-500mm or the 150-500mm.

    1. Pretty good guesses, as it is one of those lenses! 🙂

      1. One more question. Did you use a tele-converter?

  2. Yea, we need another clue. Was this image cropped at all? What camera did you use to take the picture? Seems pretty zoomy.

    1. Not cropped at all, straight out of camera, and was taken with my 40D…

  3. Could this be the APO 50-500mm F4.5-6.3 DG OS HSM? If it is this image is taken at lower than 400 mm.

    1. Actually I already did a review and had sent back the Sigma 70-200 f2.8 – this is something else! 😀

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