I’ve done a number of tutorials here on the website, and portraiture has been touched on from time to time.  You’ve heard me say things like “Focus on the Eyes”, and “Fill the Frame”.  Nice little nuggets to help you open the doors to taking better photos of people.  However, tips and tricks can only go so far…in order to really take better pictures, you have to understand the psychology of people.  Knowing what it means to get a sincere and legitimate smile…having the patience to wait for the moment, and a host of other insights that really are best explained by seasoned professionals.  Now granted, I’ve taken my fair share of portraits, but they say to become a professional at anything, you have to devote 10,000 hours to it!  I most definitely have not spent 10,000 hours shooting portraits!  But, you’re in luck, because I know someone who can – David DuChemin!

You may have heard of David before.  I’ve had him on the podcast, reviewed his books, and even take a crack at reviewing his eBooks from Craft & Vision.  Well, today he’s announced the latest from his own personal arsenal in the last of these…a new one from Craft & Vision!  Titled “Forget Mugshots: 10 Steps to Better Portraits“, this book has all the nitty gritty details like the stuff I mentioned up-thread and much much more.  Insights that you can only get from a seasoned pro.  With a price that can’t be beat ($5), you will not find anything better on the web!  David has stylists, layout editors, and some of the best talent in the industry working with him, and that, coupled with his writing and insights make the Craft and Vision series of eBooks the best you can find in any category of photography!  This same quality is brought to bear for his own book.  Check out what some of the content looks like:

You can see the quality is just unparalleled!  And as if that isn’t a stellar enough endorsement of both the Craft & Vision series, and the David Duchemin lines of writing, get this – you can save 20% if you use coupon code MUGSHOTS4 – but use this code only if you plan on buying right away, as it expires at midnight on Sasturday! (3/17)…

There’s other great deals on there too, so if you’re looking for some extra reading on that flight, during that treadmill workout, or even during lunch breaks – these can’t be beaten for only $5 a pop!  Here’s a few of my personal favorites:

Vision Is Better, II
Beyond Thirds
The Inspired Eye
A Deeper Frame
and The Inspired Eye, Vols 1 & II

Or, do what I did and get a whole year of eBook goodness for only $99!  That’s less than $5 a month for some of the best reading any money can buy!

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