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Selecting a Satisfying Photography Seminar


Seminars suck, workshops are worthless, and most out there can’t teach worth a lick!  That’s a pretty bold collection of statements, and each point has some merit to it.  Of course, these are generalizations, and not true all the time,…

LDP Podcast #69: Camera Wars – Mobile Versus Mirrorless!

Kerry's Union Station

I’m so excited to announce the latest podcast (it’s been quiet for a while…) is up and ready for listening. I’ve brought back my good friend Kerry Garrison to the show, as we got together a few weeks ago here in Delightful Denver for a bite to eat and a spontaneous photo walk.

Resistance Is Futile

iPhone 4s

I’ve long been fond of my status as a “vendor-neutral” blogger.  Shortly after beginning this blog I realized that it’s not the camera that makes the photographer good, it’s who’s behind the lens that matters.  I’ve got many friends who…