Photography Apps for the Smart Phone, Part 4

Wifi Photo

The recurring theme recently has been photo apps for your Smart Phone.  I’ve talked already about some of my favorites, including SetMyCamPro, EasyRelease, and most recently Color Splash.  If you notice the theme trend, the first piece spoke to setting up your camera, the second looked at prepping the shoot, and then finally we looked at editing your photos.  So, with only two posts left in this series, I wanted to focus on the function of getting your photos OFF your smart phone.

I’m not sure about others, but when working with my iPhone, it’s somewhat frustrating that instead of going into the App I want to use in conjunction with my photo, often I have to go into the photo library and home the function to send to that destination has somehow been programmed.  For instance, if I want to email someone a photo, traditionally, I’ll write the email, then attach the photos.  On the iPhone, the logic is flipped – if you want to email someone a photo, you don’t write the email first, you attach the photo first – what’s up with that?

Anyway, rant aside, I often find myself wanting to get a photo (and more often, several photos) off my phone quickly, and let’s face it, with the iPhone in particular, that can be tax the patience of a monk!  But, with WiFi Photo, it’s actually quite easy:

The name pretty much says what it does – WiFi Photo lets you transer your photos from your camera to your computer over your own wireless network.  All you have to do is hop on the wireless network, and the app grab a specific port address to use as a web interface.  With the app open, and displaying the IP address and port, switch to your computer and type that address into your browser of choice.  Your photo albums will appear and you can download images individually, collectively, and in a range of sizes as well.

By default, that port is 15555.  So, if your home network assigns your phone an address of, the address to enter into your browser would be http://192.168.100:15555.

Slick, easy, and best of all – this app is free!  Here’s a couple screenshots to show you the interface now too:

To get the app for your own phone, you can visit the iTunes store here to download it today.  (Not available on Google play, but there are alternative apps there…) Thanks for tuning in and don’t forget – Friday is the final day of photo app reviews, where I’ll look at the whole concept of taking better photos with better apps!

Tell me your thoughts on your favorite photo-related apps here too…there’s always room for more conversation, so chime in while we’re on the topic.  You can also check out the other write-ups here:

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