5 Tips for Shooting Off-Camera Flash, Pt. 5

Flash Direction

The final installment of the shooting off-camera flash series is here!  For a while now, I’ve been posting various tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your minimalist off-camera flash setup.  The equipment is a single flash, a light stand, and an umbrella.  The goal was to come up with 5 tips for how to get the most out of it!  Here’s what we’ve done so far:

1.  Attached the umbrella correctly
2.  Positioned the light as far away from the shoot-through as possible
3.  Added a little extra diffusion from the built in diffuser for your flash
4.  Stabilized the light stand by spreading the base to it’s widest point – adding a possible “4th leg” in the process too! Read more

5 Tips for Shooting Off-Camera Flash, Pt. 4

Good versus bad leg positions

Recently we’ve been talking about wrangling in your off-camera flash.  We’ve gone a little more advanced, and the responses have been quite positive, so if you’ve got some ideas for other advanced topics to cover, be sure to share your thoughts in the comments.  As you may recall, we started with attaching the umbrella correctly to your light stand.  This was followed by a demonstration of what happens to light as you slide the umbrella closer to and further away from your flash.  Then, most recently, we looked at how to really fill out your shoot through with that strobe flash. Read more

5 Tips for Shooting Off-Camera Flash, Pt. 3

Side by Side Comparisons

This week we are journeying through various tips to wrangle the best possible light out of a single light source off-camera!  That’s right, it’s all about shooting off-camera flash! To do this, we are employing the assistance of only a light stand and a shoot through umbrella.  As you may recall, on Day 1, we focused (if you’ll pardon the pun) on how to correctly attach the umbrella to the light stand.  On Day 2 (yesterday), we shifted gears to demonstrate how adjusting the umbrella’s proximity to the flash can affect the quality of light (think hot light versus diffused light).  Today, for session 3 – we are now shifting our attention to the little flaps that come with your camera – the built in reflector and diffuser.  The question for today is:  Can/do these little flaps make a difference?  Well, to really tell, let’s take a look at how the light behaves in each of these sequences: Read more