Beyond Thirds!

Beyond Thirds

The idea of the Rule of Thirds is quite pedantic, and by now, most of us have heard of this concept toward composition at least once if not several times in our photographic journeys.  It’s kind of funny because I was thinking about this just the other day – with new photography books and writings coming along all the time, each trying to present a new “take” on the Rule of Thirds.  At what point does it become too repetitive?  I think we’ve pretty much hammered ROT to death, and yet many of us still struggle with composing images.  We have trouble with angles, color, creativity, light, mood, and so many other aspects of composition – and that’s what this latest eBook from Andrew S. Gibson does!

It’s the latest from the Craft and Vision series, and after reading through this latest release, I was thoroughly impressed.  Andrew takes us way past the Rule of Thirds – so far that ROT is hardly in his rear view!  He addresses not necessarily new, but definitely innovative ways to think about composition including using aspect ratio and balance to make for better compositions.  Aptly titled, Beyond Thids, this is definitely one worth getting.  At the regular price of $5 in the C&V store, it’s a no-brainer, but at their discounted price, it’s a steal (yet again)!  So, stop over to their online bookstore today and get yourself a copy!  In fact, Andrew’s other eBooks in there “Andes: The Print and the Process”, and “The Evocative Image” are also figurative page turners! (I’d call them an Ipad flicker…since you can’t help but keep flicking your fingers to read “just one more page”.)

You can get the latest release at 20% off for a limited time only, using the promo code BT4 (or if you want to get 5 or more books, use BT20).  Just stop in at their website for quick browse, and you’ll see why David DuChemin and company are called Craft and Vision!