Finally Friday! (and some weekend nuggets)

Photographer on a Photo Walk

Happy Friday!  As you may recall, last weekend I had a special news post that gave some time sensitive weekend updates.  The same holds true this weekend where there are some great deals to take advantage of, but you gotta act soon!

First up – David Duchemin over at Craft and Vision is offering up his latest eBook release “Forget Mugshots” with a 20% savings through tomorrow only.  Of course, at a regular price of $5, you are saving a dollar…but as the old saying goes, “A penny saved is a penny earned”.  These savings also pass on to collections as well, where you can get 20% off a four pack, or get an entire year of Craft & Vision excellence for only $99.  Details on the site for all the bundles, starting with Mugshots4 as the primary discount code, so visit the website to save and learn today!  Craft and Vision

Second, photographer and writer extraordinaire Joe Farace and I have partnered up to host a free photo walk here in Denver.  Participation is limited to 15 people though, so once all the details are announced, you’ll want to be sure to sign up quick.  The theme for the photo walk is “Macro” and we’ll be holding it at the railroad museum here in Denver the weekend of April 14th – so mark your calendars!  Sign up details will follow next week (hint: Tuesday).

Photographer on a Photo Walk

Last but not least, make sure you are registered for the (semi) monthly Newsletter here on the blog – an amazing announcement is coming up very very soon.  I don’t want to spill the beans just yet (although if you listen to the podcast, you’ll have an idea!).  It’s a free deal to get, and gives you insights, scoops, as well as advance (and discounted or free) access to upcoming eBooks that I am offering here on the website.  Can’t say more right now – just sign up for the newsletter if you haven’t already – it’s over in the sidebar!

Other than those nuggets, not much new going on – just been traveling a lot for work, and keeping by planning all of the above – photo walks, work shops, ebooks, and more.  So for now, it’s just time to keep on shooting!  Oh yeah, and have a great weekend!

December Bonanza Winner!

Pan Shovel - December Contest Winner

As promised (though a day late, I know…), the winner of the December Bonanza giveaway has been selected, and the annual honors go to PanShovel for his well-thought out image of sharing and cheer during the holiday season:

Pan Shovel - December Contest Winner

Thanks so much to all the participants for your wonderful images of Cheer!  It really did bring a smile to my face going through all the images and selecting a winner!  As always, the decision was quite difficult, but ultimately, the nod goes to Pan Shovel for the annual holiday giveaway.  As you all may recall, the prizes this year were donated by the good folks of Craft & Vision (David DuChemin), Thinktank Photo, and Photojojo for the books, bags and lenscap holder respectively.  So if you get a moment to check out their respective product lines, you can say thanks to them in your own way too!

The downside after all this excitement is that the January giveaway does not have a sponsor (same as last year), so this means the prize will be the ability to choose the theme for the February contest giveaway.  Think of January as a practicing month to take your own shots of whatever you find appealing.  No themes to restrict your creativity, but the rest of the standard rules apply:

1.  One photo per person

2.  Must be work-safe/family-friendly

3. Posted to the Flickr thread

4.  Largest side must be no more than 800px or less than 600px (this is only so that the winning image can be displayed well…)

5.  Taken within the last 60 days (preferably during the contest window)

6.  Images must be done by Feb 3rd (Friday).

7.  Theme is open (no theme)

8.  And most importantly, have fun!

Congrats again to Pan Shovel, and good luck to everyone in the coming months for the 2012 giveaways – keep the great shots and creativity churning!

Black Fridays – Not Just Brick and Mortar!

The Entire Library

The folks at Craft and Vision have really done this Black Friday justice with some amazing discounts and packaged products.  Fro the entire collection to Black and White series, the Inspired Eye, and everything in between, there’s a package for you!  Even if you just want to take advantage of 50% off savings, there’s a gift card option available too – to use later or on anything you wish.  Check out this bevy of discounts:

XMASCARD  – Buy a $40 gift card for only $20
XMASALL  – Buy the Entire collection for only $66 (regularly $136)
XMASTEN – Buy the Ten and Ten More BUndle of eBooks for $4 (regularly $8)
XMASEYE – The Inspired Eye Collection for a mere $6 (regularl $12) 
XMASCHASE – Chasing the Look and Drawing the Eye – $4 versus $8
XMASLIGHT  – Making Light Collectoin (Vols 1 & 2) – $4 versus $8
XMASBW – The Black and White Series: $8 versus $16
XMASPROCESS – The Print and Process for $14 instead of the regular $28

Seriously, this is the best reading you’ll find on the creative process, and if you take any of these to heart, your photography will improve!  I’ve loved every book from the Craft and Vision series, and benefited immensely.  Now you can too!  Just visit them today (it’s only good for today) and save big!

My own collection is on sale too, so you can also save over $20 for the 3 eBook set right here just by using discount code GOBBLE.  Stop over to the eBook page to see all three titles and pick whichever two work best for your goals!