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September Winner: Bill M Carroll

Today’s the day!  I am happy to announce the winner of a years subscription to NAPP!  Thanks in advance to the folks at NAPP for their sponsorship and participation in the monthly contest series…and without further ado then, the award goes to:

September Winner:  Bill M Carroll

Bill M. Carroll

Congrats again to Bill – if you could drop me an email, I’ll coordinate to get your info over to the right folks at NAPP to process everything going forward! You are sure to enjoy countless resources, tips, tricks, tutorials, and other content NAPP provides to all its members!  Everyone, if you could take a moment out of your day to congratulate Bill for his awesome shot (and a great expression on the kid too!) that won the contest!


Don’t forget, the October Contest is now also underway, so gear up those cameras to capture the idea of “stacks” somehow!  The winner this go around will become the proud owner of a Lensbaby Composer!