Padding the Prize Box

Photojojo Lens Mug

As I said earlier this month when the August giveaway was announced, some additional items would likely find their way into the prize list.  As promised, I am now happy to announce that none other than the folks at Photojo have added their sponsorship. After I gave a review of one lens mug here on the blog, they approached and asked if I would do another one.  Never one to turn away even a novelty item, I agreed, and received the Canon Special Edition 70-200 Lens Mug for review last week.  Ladies and gentlemen, photogs of all ages, I give you the:

Canon Special Edition 70-200 EF Lens Collector Cup Review

Canon Lens Mug

Obviously longer and whiter than its 24-105 cousin, this holds a bit more coffee, but it’s also probably more eronomically designed to be a coffee mug than the shorter one.  The cap actually acts like a regular coffee mug rather than a lens cap, so while the “cool” factor may be lost a little, what you gain is more functionality.  I also liked this one a little better because it fits more nicely in a car cup holder than  the other one.  The body also appears to be dishwasher safe as the interior is stainless steel.

However, the downside is that the exterior is still a painted on plastic.  The bevels still don’t rotate, which is too bad, but for the grander scheme of things, it’s probably just as well to make it last longer in its designed purpose.  I did give it a quick sip test after cleaning it and there appear to be no leaks in it at all.

Now remember, this is getting added to the monthly giveaway for August, so be sure you start shooting and getting your images up in the Flickr thread here.  Thanks to the folks at Photojojo for contributing, and keep on shooting!  (Tomorrow I return to regularly scheduled blogging…:)  )