Nicole Young: Featured Author!

Finding Focus

Nicole Young (aka Nicolesy) is no stranger to the blog – she’s been on the podcast, on more than one occasion, is also a fellow NAPPer (and I think she works the Helpdesk there too), an accomplished iStock Photographer, and also a well-known author has established herself as one of those “in the know” in my opinion.  When she talks, I listen.  So, when her latest eBook was announced over on Craft and Vision – I hungrily jumped at the chance for a sneak peak at it.  Boy, did she deliver here!  The shots are all new (no old portfolio shots from her), and the topic is spot on – how to better focus!  How ironic that this eBook comes out on the tail of my own video talking about moving focusing from your shutter to the button on the back of your camera!  Talk about a great segue between each other.  The difference?  Mine is one gear-specific video – hers is just found gold!  And it’s only $5!

Finding Focus


Not only does Nicole deliver on a subject that is timeless (and timely! 🙂 ), but she does it so eloquently that I stopped the eBook I was preparing on the same subject!  Normally, being slow to the publish point makes me go “grrr”, but she did this so much better than I ever could have that I just gotta give some serious props here.  I love how she broke the topic of “finding focus” down in the eBook too.  Her areas of discussion range from:

Depth of Field
Lens Compression
The Lens
The Camera
How to Focus on:
People & Animals
Still Lifes
Macro Photography  (Photo Stacking)

Talk about complete coverage!  I was only going to talk about four things in my eBook – it’s now in my Recycle Bin, because Nicole covered each one, and did it perfectly!

Nicole Young: Finding Focus

So, naturally, I seem to be singing her praises here – and yeah, I kinda am, but with good reason:  this is a home run!  I don’t recommend reads often, and when I do, I usually find a couple things lacking or that I wish were done differently.  Here?  Nothing is wrong – it’s absolute perfection!  She taught me things I thought I knew and was wrong!  (Yes, I can admit when I am wrong…LOL).  Thanks to Nicole for putting together such a great eBook – and thanks to Craft and Vision for giving me a sneak peak at it.  For everyone that wants to learn more about getting tack sharp focus, this is gonna be the best five bucks you ever spent!

Nicole Young: FInding Focus


As if that’s not enough good news – the folks at Craft and Vision have, in typical fashion, launched this with some promotional good will – with 20% off (so it’s only $4)!  How do you get this wonderful deal?  Just visit the C&V website and buy the eBook now…or bookmark in your RSS and when you get to your iPad (this looks awesome in the iPad btw…if you read things on the go, this is the way to read it!)  So, how do you save?  Use promo code FOCUS4!  And if that’s not enough of a savings for you, tryFOCUS20to get 20% off a 5-book purchase!  It’s a win-win all around – you help Nicole out with a little coffee cup money, and you get a bucketload of knowledge in the process!  If you’re the money-saving type (and who isn’t these days), make sure you get the book before the deal ends on August 19th at midnight!

Nicole Young: Finding Focus

On Pins and Needles…

Fifty Seven

It’s not a video tutorial…it’s not some new insightful article, and it’s not even a photo shoot!  But it’s something pretty kickin’ – it’s just that I can’t tell you today…by tomorrow though, I’m allowed to announce this thing.  Suffice to say, I am on pins and needles to share this with you.  That’s why there’s no post today – no article, no tip, no trick, no software or hardware review.  I leave the photo presentations to Wednesday, but since there is something online today, here’s a quick snap I took recently:

Fifty Seven

Photographer Gets Sued – Watch out!


For those of you that may not have been hearing the rumblings in the photo community for the past several days (going on near a week now) – there is quite an uproar going on about a photographer that is getting sued for $300,000!  That’s right, three hundred thousand dollars!  it’s a litigious society we live in for sure, but this borders on ridiculous…a photographer shot a wedding, shared the images with the clients, and after sharing literally hundreds of them on Facebook and friends/family singing praises – the attorney father decided to sue the photographer.  It’s a crazy scenario, and instead of regaling you with all the details (which you can read and watch here, here,  here, and here), I’m just going to chime in with a brief heads up – this could all have been avoided with a simple contract!

It’s no big secret that I have had a DIY Legal kit out for a while and this kit has just that – a contract!  The photographer could have avoided a lot of headaches by using one of these.  Think about it – does $30 for a simple kit make sense to avoid a $300,000 lawsuit?  It does to me!  And the best part is that I’ve also done an update to address a great point that Gary Fong brings up about what constitutes an “acceptable” photograph.  Short and simple enough of an explanation, but is it in your contract?  It’s in this one!  It’s a very small update, but does add the terms of an acceptable photograph.  If you already have the kit – it’s a simple set of text to add, and I include the full text in the YouTube video below, so make sure you check it out!

Are you protected?  Do you have an event contract?  If not, there’s no better time than the present to cover yourself and your assets!  Follow the link here to grab my own DIY Kit or find your own assembly of Legal forms on the interwebs to protect yourself and your assets – if you don’t no one else will!