Welcome to NAPP!


For the month of October, the theme of the contest series has been STUDY…and people have been submitting their images to the Flickr thread in hopes of winning a years’ subscription to the well-respected National Association of Photoshop Professionals.  I’ve spoken highly of them before and their educational approach to not only Photoshop, but much of the Adobe family of products, as well as to graphic and web design, oh yeah….and photography… is literally unparalleled.  With over 70,000 members worldwide, it’s an impressive organization and I have learned a lot from my own participation in NAPP events, seminars, and their community forums. Winning a year membership to NAPP is like giving a fisherman (or woman) the keys to a lake full of fish, and time needed to learn to use the nets.  NAPP membership can literally change your life! Read more

August Winner September Begins!

Metal Theme Winner

Ahhh, month-end.  Contest announcement days!  As most know, this is the time when the previous month’s winner is typically announced and the next month theme is opened up for entries.  Today is no exception… Read more