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The Deal With Cameras…

Boneyard Beach Sunrise

Recently, I shared a viewpoint suggesting that the state of the photography industry has been declining, with the decreasing cost of entry, suggesting that there has also been a devaluation in the art itself since everyone has cameras these days…

Barnacles of Knowledge

Authors at Google

My photographic interests have been more recently geared toward documenting the growth and development of our new puppy, Kenzie.  I’ve already recorded over 2GB of photos and videos with her doing various things (playing with a tennis ball, her first…

New Family Member

It’s with a certain bit of trepidation that I make this next announcement on the blog.  As you know, I have been somewhat blase for the last 9 months or so.  I think a good portion of my mental attitude is attributed to the loss of our beloved pet of a dozen years.  Her eulogy is here.

With the melancholy having been predominant, we’ve finally decided that this is not how Maggie would have wanted us to continue on, so we are going to welcome a new family member here soon.  A name has not been picked out yet (suggestions are welcome), but I do have a pic.  Here’s our next family member!

Fox Red Lab

The next year or so will be challenging with accidents, yipping, chewing, and other traumas I am sure. But it really is time to step into a new chapter here.  It also likely means that this dog will be quite famous over the next 12 years as she will undoubtedly make several appearances here.  I’ll try to keep things as photographically relevant as possible!

Seasonal Inspiration: Autumn


Different seasons offer many opportunities to photograph the world around you, but my favorite time of year both personally and photographically is autumn!  Something about a chill in the morning air, the colors of the leaves and even the misty…

Printing on Wood

US Flag

Guest Post by Olli Randall In our modern, digital world everything seems disposable. We take photographs and videos by the hundreds, stick them online and forget about them – leaving only a messy data-trail that will continue to clog up…