Launch of The DIY Legal Prequel!

DIY Legal Prequel

That’s right it’s now for sale in the eBook store!  After much hullabaloo and promise of getting this out sooner, I’ve finally crossed the T’s and dotted the I’s to the satisfaction of counsel and review teams, which means it’s ready for you!  So, what is the Prequel?  Well, as you may recall the DIY Legal Kit was a bundle of forms created by yours truly with a professional licensed copyright attorney – including such things as an event contract, a licensing form, model releases (adult and child).  It got a lot of positive feedback, with one minor (but important) note – there was no explanation of what each form was, and when to use them.  Enter the DIY Prequel!

DIY Legal Prequel

The DIY Legal Prequel not only addresses what each form is, but discusses the background of what the legal principles are that surround the entire realm of legal expectations in the photography world.  Everything from Copyright to Right to Privacy, Fair Use and more is covered in here.  It’s a pretty detailed discussion too – covering 12 pages of content.  It’s nicely broken up with questions, answers and short narratives surrounding each concept and is designed specifically with the photographer in mind!  Wanna know the best part?  You can get it for FREE!

DIY Prequel

Yup, it is available for a limited time as a free eBook when you get the Legal DIY Kit along with it.  Just use the discount code DIYPREQUEL when you go to check out!  For those of you who may be thinking “Ok, but what if I don’t need (or already have) the DIY Legal Kit.  There’s a discount code for you too!  To save 20% off just the DIY Legal Prequel by itself, use discount code CBPREQUEL.

Legal DIY Kit Bundle Spread

As if that’s not enough, I also went a little off the deep end (don’t ask me why), and decided to offer an incredible discount to anyone who might want to just get the entire collection of eBooks – with an ALLIN discount code to save 10% off everything!  The best part here?  You can use the DIYPREQUEL and the ALLIN discount codes in conjunction with each other, for some huge savings!  That includes the DIY Legal Prequel, the DIY Legal Kit, and 49 Tips, Volumes I and II!  Combining the discounts is pretty sweet too…$5 of the total, then 10% off the remainder all adds up to some substantial savings!  But ya gotta act fast – this is only good through Sunday, the 10th!

Canon Blogger eBooks - All IN

Finally Friday! (and some weekend nuggets)

Photographer on a Photo Walk

Happy Friday!  As you may recall, last weekend I had a special news post that gave some time sensitive weekend updates.  The same holds true this weekend where there are some great deals to take advantage of, but you gotta act soon!

First up – David Duchemin over at Craft and Vision is offering up his latest eBook release “Forget Mugshots” with a 20% savings through tomorrow only.  Of course, at a regular price of $5, you are saving a dollar…but as the old saying goes, “A penny saved is a penny earned”.  These savings also pass on to collections as well, where you can get 20% off a four pack, or get an entire year of Craft & Vision excellence for only $99.  Details on the site for all the bundles, starting with Mugshots4 as the primary discount code, so visit the website to save and learn today!  Craft and Vision

Second, photographer and writer extraordinaire Joe Farace and I have partnered up to host a free photo walk here in Denver.  Participation is limited to 15 people though, so once all the details are announced, you’ll want to be sure to sign up quick.  The theme for the photo walk is “Macro” and we’ll be holding it at the railroad museum here in Denver the weekend of April 14th – so mark your calendars!  Sign up details will follow next week (hint: Tuesday).

Photographer on a Photo Walk

Last but not least, make sure you are registered for the (semi) monthly Newsletter here on the blog – an amazing announcement is coming up very very soon.  I don’t want to spill the beans just yet (although if you listen to the podcast, you’ll have an idea!).  It’s a free deal to get, and gives you insights, scoops, as well as advance (and discounted or free) access to upcoming eBooks that I am offering here on the website.  Can’t say more right now – just sign up for the newsletter if you haven’t already – it’s over in the sidebar!

Other than those nuggets, not much new going on – just been traveling a lot for work, and keeping by planning all of the above – photo walks, work shops, ebooks, and more.  So for now, it’s just time to keep on shooting!  Oh yeah, and have a great weekend!

Beyond Thirds!

Beyond Thirds

The idea of the Rule of Thirds is quite pedantic, and by now, most of us have heard of this concept toward composition at least once if not several times in our photographic journeys.  It’s kind of funny because I was thinking about this just the other day – with new photography books and writings coming along all the time, each trying to present a new “take” on the Rule of Thirds.  At what point does it become too repetitive?  I think we’ve pretty much hammered ROT to death, and yet many of us still struggle with composing images.  We have trouble with angles, color, creativity, light, mood, and so many other aspects of composition – and that’s what this latest eBook from Andrew S. Gibson does!

It’s the latest from the Craft and Vision series, and after reading through this latest release, I was thoroughly impressed.  Andrew takes us way past the Rule of Thirds – so far that ROT is hardly in his rear view!  He addresses not necessarily new, but definitely innovative ways to think about composition including using aspect ratio and balance to make for better compositions.  Aptly titled, Beyond Thids, this is definitely one worth getting.  At the regular price of $5 in the C&V store, it’s a no-brainer, but at their discounted price, it’s a steal (yet again)!  So, stop over to their online bookstore today and get yourself a copy!  In fact, Andrew’s other eBooks in there “Andes: The Print and the Process”, and “The Evocative Image” are also figurative page turners! (I’d call them an Ipad flicker…since you can’t help but keep flicking your fingers to read “just one more page”.)

You can get the latest release at 20% off for a limited time only, using the promo code BT4 (or if you want to get 5 or more books, use BT20).  Just stop in at their website for quick browse, and you’ll see why David DuChemin and company are called Craft and Vision!