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Having been laid out with a nasty head cold, then swept out of town on various training trips, I’ve been straddling the fence of coherence, fogginess, and business for a few days now.  During that time I’ve not written much at all, but I have had the benefit of reading more than I normally do – including some of my own archived content.  It often gives me ideas for re-writes or new perspectives.  Other times, I see a post from the past that really doesn’t need a re-write, but is worth sharing again just because of the point the article makes, the quality of the content, or it’s just a really good read!

With that in mind, here’s a few Gems from the Archives for your weekly enjoyment:

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Best of the Blog
Best of the Blog

Cheap Ink Refills

Walgreens Refills Inks!

A little birdie had told me a while back that Walgreens is now offering very affordable ink refills for you at $13 per cartridge!  The nice thing I noticed is that they offer service on this while you wait – they simply inject new inks into your cartridges.  It almost seems too good to be true, and while I am hesitant to take the risk for my gallery prints coming off the Epson R1800, I am seriously considering taking it for a test drive with my everyday use printer – an HP Deskjet 1050.  Since it’s kind of photo-related, figured it’d be worth polling the readership to see if anyone else has taken the leap with this sort of offer!  Have you used any ink re-filling services?  If so – who have you used?  Were they adequate to your tasks?  What sort of printing did you expect from it?  Gallery prints or everyday use documents like email, boarding passes, etc.?  Would love to hear your comments, thoughts, feedback and ideas in the comments…

Walgreens Refills Inks!

I’m seriously considering it when the alternative for the regular refill cartridge is $30 versus $13.  It’s over a 50% savings!  Something tells me to be cautious because something just doesn’t sound right.  An old saying I always use (and have had repeated to me is that “If something is too good to be true, it usually is…”  Since it’s only a $40 printer, the refill cost seems rather disproportionate to the cost of the printer, and I’d hate to throw away a printer simply because I was too chincy with the ink replacement needs…but this savings seems almost too good to pass up!  What say ye all?

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