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I’ve ranted in the past about the value of photographers who hang up the camera and turn to hanging out a teaching shingle.  They’re excellent photographers mind you, but are not the best at teaching.  You can read the whole article here:  Selecting a Satisfying Photography Seminar

I clicked the “Publish” button with trepidation.  It basically warns photographers looking to learn to watch out for the guy who purports to teach workshops in lieu of actually being a photographer.  This would not fly well in the face of the photo establishment – the powers that be if you will.  Additionally, if I were to ever launch a workshop, class or seminar, I would run the risk of being called out as having a double-standard.

Then, I got some email – not a lot, but some.  Several folks replied asking if I was going to offer any tour dates or classes on Lightroom (I ran a workshop with my good friend Kerry Garrison in 2010).  I had replied no, that it probably wasn’t going to happen again, just because the overhead of getting classroom space, the insurance, food service, internet, etc. is just not worth it, especially considering a traveling workshop!

ClassroomThen I fell into some classroom space (not the one pictured here though) – relatively low cost per month, and no food service required.  I am teaching some other classes there in another capacity, but it dawned on me that I could theoretically offer some Lightroom, Photoshop, or general photography classes here without much of an additional expense.  The question is – would anybody attend?  It’s like throwing a party and no one shows up.  So, on this first Friday of March, let me post a question to the reading audience:

Would You Take a Photo Class With Me?

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For arguments sake, let’s say the class would be $25 and would run for approximately 4 hours.  So, we wouldn’t be going too in-depth into the subject matter.  Enough time to advance your understanding of Lightroom, Photoshop, or even just photography in general.  It would naturally have to be here in Denver, as I can’t move the classroom around the country (my pockets aren’t as deep as Kelby, Ziser, or any of the big names out there).  And, I’ll get to the subject matter in a minute – but for now, just a simple yes/no poll:

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at subject matter now.  I’ve been shooting as an enthusiast in South Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, and Colorado for nearly a decade now.  I’ve touched a lot of gear.  I know several applications inside and out.  I’ve been running this blog now for nearly 6 years now too, so we could talk about photography and blogging!  There’s several topics I could touch on in four hours!  Nothing would be an exhaustive beginning to end scenario, but there’s a lot to learn out there.  So, on to question #2

What Topic Would You Like Me to Cover

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Creating Web Galleries using Lightroom

As Photoshop World is starting tomorrow, I imagine most are watching the pros blogs to see what news, events, and info is forthcoming from that semi-annual event. Something tells me I will be ponying up the $500 to go to the September one in Vegas. (Benefits of NAPP membership notwithstanding…) In looking at the classes that they are offering for this Spring I guess two things caught me as surprising – first that there are so MANY classes to choose from. In a way a lot of options is a good thing, but it also has downsides. The upside is there are lots of choices. The downside is that sometimes the subject matter is so compartmentalized, you really have to pick a path and stick with it. In other words, if you pick one subject, you are also conversely choosing not to go to other subject matter. Case in point, I would like to have seen Painting With Photoshop by Bert Monroy on day one, but that conflicted with the Top 10 Photoshop Techniques by Matt K. – and since very few classes are repeated, there’s no chance to catch the other class later during the event.

In light of that – one small suggestion for future shows (like anyone is even listening to me)… offer fewer classes but repeat them more – that way you give everyone a chance to see everything. I realize it sounds kinda cheap, but for the price tag of entry, I really would rather get to learn from everyone rather than 3 or 4 instructors only.

The other thing that surprised me is that the head honcho himself, Scott Kelby, is teaching very little this go around. One of the things that has made Scott so endearing to so many is his supremely effective teaching style. yet for this Spring ’08 show, he’s only teaching three classes (and one of them is basically his 7-point system which can be gotten from Amazon for a mere fraction of the cost for Photoshop World entry. I’d rather spend my time learning stuff I can’t get from a book. As kind of the “front man” for NAPP, Photoshop World, and leading pitchman for Adobe products, it would have been nicer to see more classes with him up front. Maybe that will change for Fall ’08.

Although I should also note that Scott just busted up his leg the other day, so is heading out on crutches, and that may have mandated some scheduling changes. He is also delivering the keynote speech, which I am sure took a great deal of time to prepare, so there are possible mitigating circumstances involved with his decreased participation in the instruction. Since I hopefully will have saved enough to go to the Fall ’08 one in Vegas, I’ll look forward to seeing if he’s doing more instruction.

In other, more directly related news to Canon Blogger, I’ve finished the tutorial for this week a little early, so will post it here now. Last week I went over some of the basics of how to create a web gallery using teh automated feature of Photoshop CS3. This week, I look at another product in the Adobe family – Lightroom. Setup and generation is pretty quick and easy, just a couple pointers on what to avoid and precautions to take in putting everything together, from both the perspective of the photographer and the viewer. A little shorter than last weeks tutorial, but still hopefully useful. The flash version is linked, and the Quicktime version is attached for those tuning in via feeds, iTunes, and with iPods.

Web Galleries II (Lightroom)

Happy shooting and watch those apertures! For those going to Photoshop World, have a blast!