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Merry Creative Christmas

Merry Christmas

Once the wrappings are all torn off, the glitter vaccuumed, and you think you’ve had enough family time today is probably when you’ll end up here, reading what all the bloggers have to say. Ok, here’s my thought for the…

SLR’s and Self-Cleaning

Sensor Versus Mirror

I’ve written several times on the blog about cameras and sensor dust, which you can review here, here, and here (5 Ways to Clean, 5 Times to Clean, and 5 Ways to Avoid Dust).  I’ve also elaborated a bit on…

Think Negative – not Positive

Negative Space

Sounds odd doesn’t it?  Yet believe it or not, the use of something called negative space can be very powerful in photography.  But what is negative space?  The term is kind of hard to describe in words, but the best…

Three Photo Tips


If you really want to take great pictures, it’s like anything else. You need to practice, practice, and then practice some more. Someone somewhere said it takes 10,000 hours to become really proficient at anything. Whether that’s 10,000 hours of…

Photography and Morality


I was doing some portrait work for some local friends/clients (they’re getting holiday pictures done) and it involved both group and individual shots.  The group was two parents, their dogs, and a couple kids ages ranging from 13-18.  Group shots…

Moments in Time


The art of photography is a combination of a number of things.  While the litany of “things” that encompass what truly makes an image good versus boring is open to conjecture, I would propose a short list of the following: