In Photography Timing is Everything!


About two weeks ago I was taking the dog for her morning constitutional in the park. I was particularly struck by the fall foliage that surrounded me at the time, suggesting that my photography timing was nearly perfect for the season: IMG_4002.JPG

Sure enough, when we wast forward two weeks to yesterday afternoon at the same location, the colors were much more subdued, the blue skies gone (replaced with gray), and the water reflecting the same flat colors of the environment:


It’s not quite the same scene now is it? The teaching point here is that beautiful photographs are not just pointing your camera at anything and expecting it to be this wonderful thing. Making great photos takes time and commitment.

It also takes having some sort of creative vision. Countless people upload photos to Flickr, Smugmug and the like daily. Most are coming from mobile devices these days. Few are good, and even fewer inspire. If you want to inspire, find that vision, and make it happen.  That means your photography timing, in addition to your photographic vision, your photographic skills, your photographic composition, and so much more all need to sync up to create that magical scene!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – beautiful photography comes from within. What do you want to capture?

Ditch your Phone and Tablet Cables!

Wireless Tether

One of the most common questions I get is how to take photos (and videos) off your phone.  Whether you are working with an iPad, an iPhone, Android or any portable device, tethering these devices to your computer really has become so tedious. There are some handy features to post content directly online like the WordPress app, and even YouTube posting functionality built into many of these devices.  But when you want to tweak your photos or videos on a computer, it’s kind of tedious to use those darn cables every time. Well fret no more, because you can ditch those cables for data transfer!  (Just don’t throw them out – you still need to charge up periodically!)

So, how do you do it? The simple answer is Dropbox! This handy little app has made my life so much easier. No more pesky file limitations on email, data messaging or any of that rigamarole.  Check out the YouTube Video I put together to help explain this:

Droid 2

So, the Droid has been in use for about a week now…and I gave some initial feedback on it yesterday, but thought it might be helpful to give a short video on how to tether the Droid to a computer.  It’s pretty straightforward, so here you are (special shout outs to Rich Charpentier for requesting it)…

[podcast format=”video”][/podcast]

As you can see – nothing too difficult or fancy to tether a Droid, which makes for great file manipulation and transfer, which means photos are also easily archived across multiple platforms!  How are others tethering their smart phones?  Just as easily?  I didn’t like the Touch having to go through iTunes and be “licensed” on each computer.  Thoughts and feedback welcome in the comments!

Don’t forget – I am also sharing pics daily on Won’t set the photo world on fire, but you can get an idea of the quality of images coming off the Droid! 🙂  Happy shooting all and we’ll see you back here tomorrow!