Color Mechanics and Your Camera


When it comes to photography, one of the most important things to consider outside of composition is color mechanics.  Color mechanics and how your camera interprets color is always a topic that makes for great discussion.  In fact,  I’ve touched on the topic of color and your camera/monitor as it relates to photography in the past.  Here are some articles I’ve written that speak to color and your camera:

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The Power of Color

5 Elements of Control #2 – Color

Hot and Cold Lighting

Each of these speaks to how color mechanics can be so powerful in your imagery, whether it’s file size, the power of it in composition, or even it’s impact on lighting.  What I came across yesterday, just added another element to the larger discussion…editing and post production!  The video came through my email via Digg on Sunday. If you’re interested in the mechanics, math, and such of how color is calculated for digital displays, specifically when editing – this is a must see!

Clearly, the concept of color mechanics really can be discussed and evaluated to the Nth degree. That said, some content does better than others at demonstrating and explaining it clearly and in an understandable format.  I’ve tried on the occasions referenced above, but the video was such a cool way to explain it, figured it would be worth sharing.


All that said, what are your thoughts on color in photography?  Are you in agreement that color is a fundamental topic of importance that needs understanding?  Or do you think that color mechanics is not as important in the grand scheme of things?  What other topics or talking points would you consider “fundamental” to understanding photography?

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