Barnacles of Knowledge

Authors at Google

My photographic interests have been more recently geared toward documenting the growth and development of our new puppy, Kenzie.  I’ve already recorded over 2GB of photos and videos with her doing various things (playing with a tennis ball, her first swim, chasing after butterflies and ducks, etc.)  All of it has a sort of “awww, cute…now what” feel to it, but I share them with fellow pet lovers anyway.  In this one community forum a tangential topic came up where some, shall we say, divergent points of view were shared and a bit of animosity was stirred.

As is always my credo, I lean toward either learning from or sharing my knowledge and experience with others.  If you are more learned than your compatriots, I believe in a sense of duty to both share my knowledge and to educate others.  Toward that end, I referred to a talk Joe McNally did with Google a while back, as he makes a statement where he says:

These things accrue to you as a photographer…it’s like barnacles of knowledge that kind of glom themselves onto you…”

It’s a powerful statement and one that speaks to me and my life.  In the midst of gathering the quote, I ended up watching this piece in its entireity over again (1:10 minutes).  Even now, the anecdotes and life lessons still hold true.  If you’ve not watched it, devote an hour of your life to it.  If you have watched it – watch again.  Not only is it interesting, but you always will gain a certain measure of inspiration from it:

Happy shooting!


The Photographer’s Market 2012

Photographers Market Guide 2012

This staple has been in my wheel house for about 5 years now, and every year, updates to lists of publications looking for photographs and articles are listed, with tons of useful information – what they’re buying, how much they’re buying, and what the going rates are for various types of images, as well as the distribution for each of the markets you are looking to get networked into.  Always a great reference material, and worth every penny!  It’s on sale now at Amazon, so would suggest anyone wanting to get serious about getting their images published in 2012, go out and get this now!

Photographers Market Guide 2012

The thing is, with this particular resource, it’s better to get it earlier than later, and since it’s already almost March, time is ticking!  Remember the stuff we’ve talked about here on the blog in the past about how to present your work to potential publishers, and take their submission guidelines seriously.  Those that don’t quickly find their way to the recycle bin (or in old school parlance – the circular file)!  Give it a read – you’ll thank me in the end!

What I’m Reading

Captured - by Moose Peterson

Reading material is a gold mine, not only for inspiration, but for education.  The field of photography is one where you can never know everything there is to know, and there will always be people who see things differently that you can learn from and gain insights and inspiration.  For that reason, I am always reading something.  Here’s a portion of my reading list lately in the hopes that you can find some insights and inspirations too!


  • Captured – Lessons from Behind the Lens of a Legendary Wildlife Photographer, Moose Peterson

Captured - by Moose Peterson

  • Photo Trade Secrets, Volume 2, Zeke Kamm (forthcoming)

Photo Trade Secrets, Volume 2 - by Zeke Kamm


  • National Geographic – December 2010 Issue
  • Shutterbug – February 2011
  • Consumer Reports – February 2011
  • Bits and Pieces
  • Arizona Highways – January 2011

I guess my nose is always in a book or something!  Got any suggested reading items?  Share your own reading lists in the comments or with me via email.  Happy shooting (and reading)!